We started Draper's Strength Resistance bands with one thing in mind, our customer.
We knew how big of a pain it can be to spend so much money on exercise equipment for home gyms to not be able to take that with us on vacation or business stays. Our bands alleviate this for our customers.
We know how hard it is to recover from body injuries, and go back to the beginning of our workout routines. Our lighter resistance bands can help you get back on your feet.
We get pull ups become increasingly harder as we age. Our heavier bands can get you back on track.
We understand that space for exercise equipment is not a thing for some people. Our bands are compact, keep them in the closet or on the door knob, you'll barely know they are there. 
We understand that some of our customers want extra resistance with power lifting without the hurdle of more added weight. Our bands got you fam. 
We get it. Exercise equipment is expensive, and gym memberships add up. With our bands, they are not only space effective, but cost effective as well. Think of it as a small investment for what you get out of it. These bands work from head to toe to get you in the best shape of your life, with no hassle. We designed these bands to benefit our customers in the best ways possible. From younger to older, wherever you are, however you like to get your fit on, we have a band for you.